2024 Volunteer Application Form -

Thank you for your interest in applying to volunteer at Wicked Woods Music Festival 2024!

We are incredibly grateful for the support that our organization receives from its dedicated volunteers. As a volunteer, you are a representative of our organization, an invaluable member of our team, and an essential contributor for bringing our event to life.

We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive working environment where volunteers can build new skills, collaborate with an experienced team, and contribute toward the growth of our community. Our volunteer positions offer a diverse array of opportunities for you to exercise your existing skills or learn something totally new with the full support of our organization.

Wicked Woods Volunteer Information

Volunteers are required to commit:

24 hours during the event. (Thursday August 29 - Monday September 2)


32 hours pre / post event. (Saturday, August 24th - Sunday, September 8th) 

Volunteers are required to pay a deposit which will be refunded after shifts have been completed.  This is only applicable to first time volunteers, returning volunteers in good standing will not be required to pay the deposit.

Volunteer access includes early entry and a Regular vehicle pass in our designated Crew Camping area. If you want to camp outside of Crew Camping, or bring an RV, you can upgrade your vehicle pass at full price. Please note that you will be required to camp in Crew Camping until early entry gates are open, at which time you can move to the lot you purchased your camping in. 

Please ensure you arrive the night before your shift begins.

International Volunteers:
Only applicants with Canadian Citizenship or those legally eligible to work in Canada will be considered. If you are an international applicant you must have a Working Holiday Visa currently in place.

Harm Reduction and Safety team applicants (Sanctuary, Outreach, Ravens, OHS, Fire) Do not fill out this application form. If you wish to volunteer with one of the above mentioned teams, you will need to fill out the specific Health and Safety form located on the "apply" page of our website.

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Only applicants with Canadian Citizenship or those legally eligible to work in Canada will be considered.

If you are an international applicant, you MUST have a Working Holiday Visa currently in place.
Will you be 19+ on the dates of your availability? *
Wicked Woods is a 19+ event. All volunteers must be at least 19 years of age on the day of their first shift.
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Tell us about your past history volunteering with music festivals

Returning volunteers in good standing with the Festival are not required to pay a deposit.
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Do you have a valid Canadian driver's licence.
Some teams may require volunteers to drive a vehicle, side by side, or golf cart. Other teams may require volunteers to drive a Wicked Woods or personal vehicle off site for deliveries and/or pickups.
What class of license do you have?
Are you comfortable lifting heavy items over 30lbs for extended periods of time?
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Please select at least 4 consecutive dates during which you are available to volunteer.

If applying for pre/post show teams, please note that this does not guarantee pre/post show placement and you may be selected for showtime shifts. All volunteers must be available during showtime (Thursday August 29th - Monday, September 2nd).

Selecting AM or PM gives us an idea of when you are most productive, but does not guarantee your shift placement.

Only select more than 4 consecutive dates if you are certain you will be available for all dates indicated. Changes to availability will not be accepted once your application has been processed. Please do not select "All" dates. We will do our best to schedule you according to your indicated availability.
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Would you like to be scheduled with friends who are also volunteering? Please list their names

Friends who apply together, submit fees within the same time frame, and match their schedule and team preferences have a higher chance of being placed together.

Please provide their first and last name below. We will do our best to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee team placement.

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